Advanced Pool Lessons - BIGGEST SECRETS REVEALED!! 9 ball 8 ball Lessons to SUPERCHARGE your Game! Full Six Hours of Instruction at website - The SECRETS to Automatic Aiming - 9 Ball Position Play - 9 Ball Breaking - 8 Ball Strategy - 8 Ball Defense Download this video to your mobile device or computer by going to

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Tor is currently filming a series of new videos in which, in 14 days, he helps players become 2, 3 or even 4 balls better using his custom drills. If you would like to participate (no fee) please go to this link:

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I am in an APA league and last Thursday night I was able to kick out of all the safeties my opponent presented. In fact, several times I was not only able to hit the ball I was kicking at but also pocketed it. I was so jazzed! ~Arthur A.

I wanted to thank you for the Zero-X kicking system and the Advance Pool Lessons videos. They are simply the best vidoes that I have seen since Bob Byrnes' instructional tapes! Thanks again, Larry M.

Your lessons are great! I've just started watching the videos and my game is better already. Best pool instruction material I've ever found. ~Pedro S.

You have made this so much simpler for me to know where in the heck to hit the rail and know where the ball will end up. I'm pumped!!! I haven't played pool in 25 years and just got my own pool table and can play anytime now and feel like I know what I'm doing!!!! ~Donald L.

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